When Lottie Came To Stay

My best friend Lottie has come to stay for a week, it has been so exciting.

I have even let her share my things!! Mum is quite amazed!!

We also had lots of lovely walks.

I am really going to miss her!!!!

I'm back!!

Hello everyone, sorry i have been a little quiet, unfortunately my mum was very poorly and is now trying to help me catch up on here! (Don't worry i looked after her with lots of cuddles and licks)

This year i have been on my very own holiday, it was fab. We went to the Peak District for a week and i stayed on a farm, i'm not sure the sheep were very keen on me though!!

here i am all ready and packed to go.

Me and my favourite Auntie Donna, It was very high up there!!

It was a very exhausting walk!!!

During Easter my friends Natasha and Tom came to stay, we had so much fun playing in the fields.

Lazy Sunday afternoons, having a sneaky snuggle with my Grandad.

I have been learning how to swim this year, i absolutely love it, although mum did panic the first few times, i think she was going to come in with me!

This is my new friend Lottie, she is very small, i have to keep looking where i am going incase i step on her. We have just started going on some walks together, as she is now old enough, she lives just round the corner, so not too far to go.

This year the fields near us have benn covered in poppies, mum really loves this picture of me, it even won first place at the local village fete. (I wasn't allowed to go and collect the prize though, not sure why they wouldn't have wanted a very excited vizsla there!!)

I shall write again soon. Keep posted!!

I just love the snow

What a year we are having with all this strange weather. I couldn't belive my little eyes when i went out for my early morning wee!!! The ground felt very cold and wet but not like rain it was white again, it had been snowing. I thought i'd wait for mum to get ready before i ventured out again, well who can blame me when i have a warm blanket and an arm chair to snuggle into!!!
Luckily mu had been given the day off work because the roads were too dangerous to drive on so i had her all to myself!!

We went for a lovely long walk in the freezing snow and wind, even i was making a fuss by the end of it!!
Mum said i had to try and be sensible on my lead today because it was so icy and that some cars had actually been ice skating down our road and nearly into one of the houses!! I never knew cars could ice skate, you learn something new every day!! I was relatively good until i saw my horse friends and then nearly pulled mum into the field with them!!

I wasn't too keen on putting my bottom right down because it was soooooo cold on the floor!!!

I wonder if the snow will still be there tomorrow!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Wow Christmas!! what a word. I never realised that it was actually a day where you got lots and lots and lots of really cool presents. Mum had been talking about it for ages saying she couldn't wait but i thought she was just being silly, but now i know!! (now i can't wait until next christmas!!)

We had a huge tree just like the ones i weave in and out of in the forest on my walks in our living room!!! how weird is that. i was very good i only stole a few of the things that were sitting on it, but what do you expect when they put a robin in the tree!!! and it made a bird noise too!! (i thought that was good for me!!)

I had lots of presents from mum and all the family, i actually liked eating the wrapping paper best of all, it was so shiny and i could shred it all over the kitchen!! But my favourite was my new squeaky reindeer, if you ask me to squeak it i actually do it!!! the humans think this is so funny, come on i am intelligent guys i'm a Vizsla remember!!!

Here i am running around the garden with it.

For New Year mum surprised me with this huge bone, it was great and it actually lasted me more than a day!! Hurray. (that was mum by the way) The trouble was i wanted to take it outside and bury it in the garden however whenever i tried to get through the back door i kept getting stuck in the door way, it was very frustrating as you can imagine!!!

I hope you have all had a wonderful christmas and i wish you all a happy, healthy and peaceful new year.

Vizz Wizz

I went on my first ever Vizz Wizz, it was brilliant. I met so many other Vizsla's who look just like me!! I even got to meet two of my brothers Duke and Dillon, which was great, it was like we had never been apart. Duke and i look identical, mum and Christine were worried they were going to take the wrong pup home!! Luckily i've got my famous birth mark on my bottom so mum can't loose me!!!

This was all of us at the beginning of the walk, we couldn't wait to get started thats why we couldn't stand still (well thats my excuse anyway!!!)

The views were amazing whilst we were walking and I even saw some goats, they were new to me, very strange looking.

Here we are at the top of this really steep hill. I loved running back down it.

Mum and I posing, everyone kept saying that we look like each other, i don't think i look like a human!! I'm not that hairy am i?!!

I got to run around with my new friends and i even ventured into the stream, it was freezing, but so much fun!!

I think Archie quite liked me!!!

I can't wait to go on my next Wizz Vizz and see all my friends again. See you all in April.

I'm 1!!!

Its my birthday!!

Everyone keeps singing to me and saying i'm grown up!! (not sure about that one!!!)

I've had a really lovely day, i had a nice lay in under my blanket, then went for a long walk were i sneaked into someones garden and ate the left overs they had thrown out to the birds!!! Very tasty. Then mum gave me a birthday cake (it was called a pup cake, from a dog bakery!!) that was even more delicious, i also remembered to make a wish before i blew out my candle. Mum also bought me a new bed to go in the car, which i promise not to chew!! Now i am snuggled up with mum enjoying a cuddle and a rub. This is how life should be, i like having birthdays (although it does feel like this most days!!)

What a difference a year makes...

This is me with my birthday cake.

I even hid under the table to eat it, just incase the humans tried to steal it!!!

Snowball Fights!!

Its been snowing, horray. When i woke up this morning everything was white, at first i wasn't too sure and kept running back in, but then i remembered just how much fun it is.

I went for a long walk, where i kept taking Grandma ice skating!!! and then i chased a hare and left my mark through the fields.

Mum, Grandma and i played in the garden, having snowball fights and eating the snow (me of course, but you never know!!!)

Now i'm snuggled up by the fire, watching the snow from the window.